CHSA Webinar with David Macaulay (and me), Sept. 17 1200-1330 CST

Holy smokes, I’m David Macaulay’s opening act.

Architects of my generation have two things in common that drove us to our professional choices–Legos (of course) and David Macaulay’s books. Castle was my first, followed very quickly by Cathedral, City, and several others. His unbelievable drafting skill has always been matched by clear, often very wry texts, and the feeling of slowly understanding a really complicated building through his guidance and storytelling is a sense that I still find myself chasing whenever I’m doing research.

Anyway. CHSA has landed him for a conversation with our eminent President Emeritus, Brian Bowen (who himself has a new book out later this month on the history of American contracting…) and they’ve invited me to present some new research on the evolution of Fazlur Khan’s tube structures as a sort of opening act. To say that I’m honored by this is an understatement, and I promise to keep things short but to have a couple of surprises, like a guest appearance in the slides by August Komendant and I.M. Pei.

Registration is free but required–sign up here if you’re interested (and consider becoming a member of CHSA if you aren’t already!)

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