one world trade center height ‘official,’ but come on…


CTBUH tallest ten…

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats has just issued its ruling on the height of One World Trade, and surprisingly it has ratified the “vanity height” of 1,776 feet, agreeing with the developers that the raw antenna structure on top of the building is a “spire” and not an “antenna.”

You can see the results of the “architectural top” criteria in their revised “tallest ten” to the left.  Just to make the point, those are in order, from tallest to shortest…

I’ve hammered away at this enough already–but it’s worth pointing out that you’ll soon be able to take the elevator to the top floor of “America’s Tallest Building” knowing that, 800 miles to the west, tourists on the Willis Tower sky deck will only be 83 feet higher above the ground than you are…



2 thoughts on “one world trade center height ‘official,’ but come on…

  1. Thanks for having Sears-Willis’ “back,” We will be using your line about the 83 feet higher in our tours as we explain vanity height and beacons!!

    What is the origin of the tavelloni pattern and its function?


    • Ha! Yes, by all means work the term “vanity height” in wherever possible…The tavelloni pattern in Nervi’s work comes from trying to tile a spherical surface–if you start with one shape (a square in the Pantheon, a diamond in the typical Nervi dome) you find that each ring has to get proportionally smaller. And as they do so, points on each ’tile’ start to trace spiral patterns around the dome. Nothing magic about the diamonds–later Nervi used triangular pans, which can match the doubly curved surface much better.


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