data, design, and… has a great post by ISU alum and digital thinker Brandon Wlosinski that’s worth a read.  He points out that we have the tools now to not only analyze buildings digitally, but also to generate forms and solutions that are based not just on whimsy or hunches, but on genuine data.  It’s a topic that I find fascinating–despite my concentration on history I try hard not to be a luddite, and it’s articles like this that make me wonder what someone like Nervi could have done with the tools we have.  The real world still puts up resistance in all kinds of ways–modeling something is a certain way to discover that things in general are more complex than we can ever account for–but the examples Brandon gives (including an ace studio project…) show where things might head.  

My other morning reading was the New Yorker’s article this week about driverless cars, which makes me more optimistic about digital technologies than I usually allow myself to be…

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