hancock cutaway

With archives still closed I’m busy collecting…alternative…illustration possibilites. Call it research via eBay. Today’s find is from the June, 1968 Popular Mechanics, a Thunderbirds-esque cutaway of what I think of as the new project’s third act car chase scene. No deep thoughts here, just a nice, science fiction take on a classic. (Popular Science did one of these, too, but this one’s got more dark, brooding goodness…)

Charles Remsberg, “John Hancock Center: No. Two by 21 Feet.” Popular Mechanics, vol. 129, June 1968. 68–69

2 thoughts on “hancock cutaway

  1. Goodness, this is just great fun! Interesting to think that a design professional would rarely consider such a cornball presentation – but it sure tells a story! Thanks for bringing this to us all.


    • I’ve always been a fan of these…and they do resonate with people in a way that makes you wonder why we don’t use these sorts of techniques in professional presentations…”cornball” indeed, but in all the right ways…!


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