lurking at undergrad sci-tech

ImageHugely enjoyable Friday morning last week standing in the background and watching my colleagues Rob Whitehead and “rookie” Chuck Saul put a bunch of student-built longspan models through their paces.  Those are 20-pound bags of ice, and yes, a bunch of models managed to carry somewhere between 60 and 70 pounds.  Not bad for fourth year students.

Rob keeps an outstanding blog/journal called Thinking, Making, Breaking, and he’s waxed eloquently on the results over there.  I think this is the best possible evidence that the haptic learning he’s emphasized, and that’s been a hallmark of our tech teaching for ten years or so, is working.  

We’re tremendously lucky to welcome Chuck to our faculty.  He’s only spent the last few decades engineering the best buildings in the region, and to have him coaching our students will up our game considerably.  A fine start to the Fall semester…

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