2 thoughts on “skyscrapers on the BBC

  1. After I listened to the panel, it occurred to me that height per se is really no longer the objective; a very iconic building of this decade is Apple’s (Foster’s) HQ, and the other Apple buildings (the Job’s Theatre, the Apple Store in Chicago).
    These seem to be about “how we live now” in the 2010s just as height and urbanism was how we lived in the 1900s.


    • Indeed, though you’d be hard-pressed to convince folks in the Middle East or SE Asia of that. Height in Europe and the U.S. seems to be pretty passé–it’s much better marketing these days to be high-performance than to be high-altitude. But the number of kilometer-high tower projects (emphasis on “projects”) in other parts of the world suggests that pure height is still valid elsewhere…


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