big and tall 2019

Arch 517 – Evan, Jeff, Miguel from Miguel b on Vimeo.

Late on this one, but wanted to do justice to a fine semester of Big and Tall, my seminar course in building history. Students take on one building or structure and, over the course of the semester while I’m lecturing, they analyze its balancing of assembly and performance, looking for clues to the designers’ intentions, constraints, and solutions. The final results are more and more digital these days, though students have the option still of building physical models. As you can see, though, building in pixel-space gives them the opportunity to explore the role of time and sequence, which allows more nuanced understanding of the construction processes. (Video by Evan Harrison, Jeffrey Klynsma, and Miguel Bardaji Izard).

Lane Pralle, Digitally-fabricated model of isostatic slab from Pier Luigi Nervi’s Palazzo Lavoro
Tarun Bhatia and Tyler Vincent, sequencing model of Notre Dame de Paris

 Obhishek Mandal and Michael Stanley, Comparison between New Caledonia Cultural Center, Renzo Piano Building Workshop, and local building traditions.
 Eric Heckman, Nathan Sands, and Casey White, Re-creation of anthropomorphic Firth of Forth Bridge demonstration.
Eric Heckman, Nathan Sands, and Casey White, digitally-fabricated structural model of Firth of Forth Bridge.
Matthew Cramer and Alec Hoppe, articulated structural model of Zarzuela Racecourse grandstand, Eduardo Torroja

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