histories of postwar architecture

Delighted to report that the first issue (OK, the second issue, but vol. 1, no. 1…you’ll see why when you follow the link) of Histories of Postwar Architecture is online with a theme issue on “Histories of the Future.”  It features a paper of mine on aviation architecture in the 60s and 70s alongside a study of Japanese urbanism by the TU Delft’s Carola Hein, one on nuclear aesthetics by Stefano Setti, and a featured piece by French scholar Alain Musset on sociology, science fiction, and American urbanism in the era.

The journal nicely straddles online and print, as the papers are in .pdf format and can be read online or downloaded.  It’s beautifully designed and worth a look.  More on aviation architecture and my contribution over the weekend, but for now the entire issue would make for a good Friday lunchtime read…

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