job posting

ISU_left_red_rVery happy to report that, after four years (!), my ‘interim’ position as Director of Graduate Education for Iowa State’s Department of Architecture is coming to a happy conclusion–we’ve just posted a listing for a new DoGE, and I expect to pass the baton this coming August.  I’ll be staying on as Pickard Chilton and Morrill Professor, and I’m looking forward to handing off a program in excellent shape and getting back to full-time teaching and research.

Our M.Arch. program enrollment has been up dramatically, with a more international student body and a truly outstanding faculty that’s publishing innovative research and coaching award winning work from students.  We’re looking for a DoGE that can push us even farther.  If you or someone you know is interested in a genuinely rewarding administrative/faculty position, please have a look at the posting in the link…

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