mcmansion hell–this shall not stand!

Stop press–McMansion Hell, the blog that pointedly and hilariously skewers the worst of American residential construction, has been taken down after Zillow threatened legal action over the use of pictures from its website.  The blog has been required viewing for the last year or so, and it’s done a great job of stretching beyond its original mandate and providing genuinely insightful commentary on and explanations of a huge variety of architectural subjects.

Kate Wagner, the blog’s brilliant author, has promised it will be back up again after she seeks legal counsel, but as many commenters have pointed out, taking content from the web for the purposes of criticism is not just “fair use,” it’s also “fair game.

Want to help support free expression in architectural criticism?  Hit McMansion Hell every so often and send some supporting comments when it does come back up.  And you might also tweet at know what you think of having lawyers send out intimidating letters when someone pokes fun at your target demographic…