IMG_5140The next five weeks are going to be pretty alright, as my colleague Pete would say.  I’m a Visiting Fellow at the Università di Bologna, where I’ll be doing some freestanding research on Nervi’s Manufattura di Tabbachi and catching up on some writing projects.  In exchange for an apartment and access to the library here Fellows give, uh, one lecture, which happened last night.  Most of the subject matter remains to be discovered and assembled, but I appreciated a crowd that was willing to listen to some rampant speculation, and to see some of the highlights of my research group’s work over the last few years.  My sponsor, Renaissance and Nervi scholar Micaela Antonucci, has been an extraordinary host and very graciously documented the talk.  Americans are easily impressed by “old stuff,” but the Sala Rossa at the University, which dates to the 15th century, was a particularly inspiring place to speak.


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