chicago/new york debate march 10 at the skyscraper museum

Very pleased to reprise a long-running debate with New York preservation engineer, George Post partisan, and regular ArchitectureFarm reader Don Friedman next month at Manhattan’s Skyscraper Museum.  The intent, as always, is to throw some light on the rapid pace of innovation in the 19th century, and to show how technology was manifested in subtly different ways in the two cities.  The ‘debate’ will take place at the Museum, 39 Battery Place on Friday morning, March 10 from 10:00-12:00.  $10.00 for non-members, but really you should join the Museum and get in for free…

I’ll also be speaking at the Museum Wednesday, March 8, from 6:30-8:00 pm about the Chicago book.  Free, but reservations required, RSVP at

More information here, and at the Skyscraper Museum’s main website.  Thanks to Carol Willis for the invitations, looking forward to making Chicago’s case out east…Final Second

One thought on “chicago/new york debate march 10 at the skyscraper museum

  1. For anyone considering attending, I’d like to point out that the museum is a short walk from 15 Park Row (tallest 1899-1907), the Woolworth Building (tallest 1913-1928), 1 WTC (tallest in the U.S. with a big honking asterisk 2015 until 2018), and the sites of the World Building (tallest 1890-1892) and the Singer Building (tallest 1908).


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