chippendale ottoman

IMG_2558Just to make the point that 432 Park Avenue is really tall and really skinny, here’s the view from Rockefeller Center’s observation deck (in the rain, which is by far the best time to hit these things since it keeps the crowd down…nothing but skyscraper nerds and their immediate family members, who may have been coerced into the whole adventure).  Philip Johnson’s AT&T Tower sits comfortably at its feet.

Nothing, I think, could more clearly contrast the tenor of the late 1970s and early 1980s, when a building that blew up a piece of Chippendale furniture to cartoon-like proportions ended up on the cover of Time, and now, when the yardstick proportions of Rafael Vinoly’s ludicrously tall attempt at minimalism seems to make daily internet headlines because its bathrooms have ended up in the wrong place and its window frames have proved to be unworkably big…

Just for the record, at 37 stories, AT&T is actually a pretty tall piece of furniture.  But from 70 floors up it does kind of look like a misguided attempt at a footstool for 432 Park, doesn’t it?

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