reynolds aluminum

track renderingPresenting this lovely thing (modeled and rendered by co-author and recent M.Arch. grad Ben Kruse, simulated and obsessively calculated by co-author and recent M.Arch. grad Kyle Vansice) for the first time in public in about two hours at CHSA Austin.  Nervi’s unbuilt project for Reynolds Aluminum–an indoor horse racing track that, had it been built, would have been the largest building in the world by volume, and the second longest single-span arch in the world.  Not to mention the largest piece of aluminum construction anywhere.  Would it have stood up?  Could it have been built?  And what happens when you leave what’s basically a giant aluminum pop can out in the hot summer sun of Richmond, Virginia, its purported site?  Looking forward to revealing all, and to others’ papers on plywood homes, plans for a ship railway in Panama,  all sorts of stone vaulting, etc…

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