big and tall final analytic projects

A solid afternoon yesterday reviewing analytic projects for ARCH 517x, Big and Tall.  Students chose one of about 30 curated projects ranging from Karnak to the Burj Khaliffa.  The assignment was to build a model, either digital or analog, that went beyond “what the building looks like” (metaphor, for you alums) and got into “what the building is made of,” “how the building was put together,” or “how the building performs” (analogy, universally more intersting).   Always kind of thrilled when students get it, and when models get away from the visuals and into the joinery and statics of real construction.  Thanks to Ulrike, Rob, and Jelena for showing up and enriching the afternoon with their comments, and to a great bunch of students who really dove into the class and the challenge of telling the stories behind these structures…

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