hanbury evans wright vlattas and what’s next for architecture

Coast to coast…delighted to be in Norfolk, VA for a two week residency as the Virginia Design Medalist in Hanbury Evans Wright Vlattas’ offices.  HEWV invites a scholar in each year to address issues in the profession, and they’ve asked me to help them brainstorm about the future of architecture…and of architects.  As we’ve looked into our crystal balls, we’ve come up with four areas that are undergoing huge, productively disruptive change: design tools, materials and methods, organization and contractual relationships, and opportunities for engagement with social and urban networks.  All of this is fascinating enough, but we’re basing our discussions on ‘parables’ from my historical research–after all, the introduction of steel and plate glass in Chicago construction was nothing short of massively disruptive.

This, of course, would be a great gig anywhere.  But there’s this right down the street from the office…which we’re going to tour next week.  Full report to follow, obvs…


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