Still slightly abuzz from last week…in addition to the Congress, we got to see a major stretch of the Riverwalk open to pedestrian traffic and Henry Ives Cobb’s 1895 Chicago Athletic Club open as the city’s latest chicest hotel (it looks amazing).

But we did just miss what might be the best thing to happen to joggers, bikers, and pedestrians of all types on the north side.  The 606, the city’s answer to New York’s High Line, opened just as we were finishing things up on Sunday.  Using an old elevated freight railway (about 3 of 46 miles of elevated, grade-crossing-free track constructed in the early 20th century), the city has built a linear park that does a nice transect from west of Milwaukee Avenue all the way to the lakefront.  And, sure enough, here’s cyclist and hyperlapse cinematographer Steven Vance recording the entire thing:

Bicycling west to east on the Bloomingdale Trail from Steven Vance on Vimeo.

Can’t wait to get back and try this out…

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