5icch prep

mich ave grant park 1912In the big city to help put the final touches on this week’s Fifth International Congress on Construction History (oh, maybe you’ve heard about this?)  The weather looks like it will mostly cooperate, and we have tours, cocktail hours, keynotes, and a special panel on the history of general contracting in Chicago all sorted out.

CHSA will be opening up one-day registrations, more details on the 5icch.org website, so if you’re in town and want to hang out with a bunch of hardcore construction history folks, here’s your chance.

The history of contracting in Chicago–“We Built Chicago”–will be on Friday night in the ballroom of the School of the Art Institute at 112 S. Michigan (across the street from the museum).  This should be an historic event of its own, as executives from Pepper, McHugh, Ozinga, Levine Companies, Stupp Brothers, and Berglund will all be presenting and discussing the histories of their firms.  We owe a huge thanks to Mary Brush of Brush Architects for inspiring and organizing this, and it will be a great chance to introduce the world to the history of this place.  Free and open to the public, the festivities go from 5:00-8:00.

OK…my opening keynote starts in 52 hours.  Time to start fiddling with the slides.  Very much looking forward to having the world of CH descend on Chicago…

2 thoughts on “5icch prep

  1. Good morning, Prof. Leslie. I assume that your keynote, like the others, will be open to ticketed attendees only. Do you know if there are plans to release videos or transcripts online at some point in the future? I attended your presentation to our 2015 CAF Docent class and would be really interested in hearing the thoughts you present at 5ICCH.


    Ben W.


    • I hope so–it’s been traditional to publish keynotes in “Construction History.” It needs some work first, though!


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