Breaking News–AIA COTE Top Ten for Students news this morning from the AIA Committee on the Environment…the top ten award winners in the COTE for Students annual competition has just been announced, and I’m really pleased to say that my colleagues Ulrike Pass and Kris Nelson have outdone themselves–three of our ARCH 601 student teams placed in the top 10, along with projects from studios at MIT, Oregon, Maryland, and elsewhere.

Anyone who saw these projects develop over the Fall semester won’t be surprised by this–the studio was a great example of  intensely data-driven design coupled with rigorous computational modeling and, crucially, no letup in terms of architectural quality or social relevance.  The final results were engaging and rich as architecture, but also backed up by a huge amount of no-nonsense number-crunching.

Congrats to the three teams, and everyone who took part in the studio…great work!  Project images and links below, all worth checking out in-depth…

[Re] Sustaining Old North St. Louis:  Kyle C. Vansice & Brandon Fettes North Bikes: Human Powered Revitalization in Old North St. Louis: Stephen Danielson & Benjamin Kruse

HRR: Harvest, Recycle, Reuse: Heidi Reburn & Sean Wittmeyer

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