cold but friendly…


This weekend’s morning view could be worse..

Chicago in February is always a bit of a mix…on the one hand it’s cold enough to kill you outside, on the other hand the welcomes inside always seem that much warmer.  Especially at the Chicago Architecture Foundation, where we threw around skyscraper history for a couple of hours yesterday with the incoming class of docents.  A great crowd, as always, and some really insightful discussions…future walking tour takers are going to be well-served.

And the best part?  I get to do it again tomorrow morning with the second half of the class.  In hallowed surroundings.  And it’s supposed to get up to 20°!

Thanks, as always, to Jen Masengarb and Hallie Rosen at CAF for the warmest welcomes in town.  Looking forward to seeing new faces and a few regulars tomorrow morning…

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