ISU Premiere lecture online

Many thanks to Cameron Campbell, Brandon Fettes, and Mike Miller for recording last week’s lecture on Nervi and getting it online so quickly.  I appreciated the invitation to kick off our academic year with an overview of some of my work from the American Academy fellowship, and the chance to speak to a home crowd was a welcome one.  (The audio gets better after the much-appreciated but under-miked intro…and many thanks to Rob Whitehead for the timely lighting assist.  It does, in fact, take a village).




2 thoughts on “ISU Premiere lecture online

  1. Enjoyed the lecture very much.
    The last section on Ideas and Things reminds me of a section of an address that Mies gave to his IIT students in 1950:
    It is true that architecture deals with facts,
    but its real field of activity is the realm of significance.

    == Rick


    • Brilliant stuff…anytime I can channel Mies I’m happy to do so. I think the bigger question was in the air all over the place in the 50s–poetry, engineering, architecture, painting, etc. Which is one of the reasons that era is such a rich one to study.


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