roma-chicago connections…

Well, this is pretty amazing…Following up on fascist architecture, this link arrives detailing the propaganda flight of the Italian Air Force led by air marshal Italo Balbo, which flew from Italy to Chicago as part of Italy’s participation in the Century of Progress Exhibition.  The Italian pavilion included a single column from Ostia Antica, Rome’s old port city, which was unearthed  as part of Mussolini’s excavation program, and this column–crazily–was left in Chicago as a monument to the propaganda flight.  (you can see the column in front of the wing-shaped entry there).  Apparently still extant near Soldier Field in Burnham Park, and also the source of the re-named Balbo Drive.  Who knew? [Answer–a CAF docent, of course!…Hat tip to CAF Docent extraordinaire and loyal architecturefarm reader Nancy Cook for this…many thanks!]

As interesting?  The flight took off from…Orbetello, where just six years later someone built this:


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