hello, old friend


It was a beautiful Saturday in Rome, and after a week of getting things set up, paperwork filled out, etc., I was ready for a walk.  It’s about five miles from the Academy to the Nervi Olympic sites, so I took advantage of the weather and made a day of it (it doesn’t hurt that there are about three really great fornos between here and there, so my pizza bianca obsession may have had something to do with the day’s itinerary).

The Palazetto looks pretty good–Roma Vitus now plays in the Palazzo, so it’s lost its one final tenant, but even though it’s a bit unkempt it appears to at least enjoy some minimal maintenance.  Not so much its cousin, the Stadio Flaminio, which continues to rot away just south of the Palazetto, despite signs promising a complete renovation to be completed by…April, 2013.  No sign of that.

So, there’s some muckraking to do here to see whether there are plans for keeping these two in business or not.  Neither one is as desperate as the Turin Exhibition Hall, but it does seem like these two are on a knife’s edge right now.  A topic for discussion the week after this one, when I’ll be part of a special day-long panel session on Nervi at the International Association of Shell and Space Structures’ annual conference in Wroclaw.  Looking forward to that, especially since we get a tour of Max Berg’s 1913 Jahrhunderthalle, which has exactly twice the capacity of the Palazetto.  The Jahrhunderthalle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it would be amazing to see the 1960 sites gain similar status and attention…

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