Just a bit hard to wrap my head around this, but that’s the view out of my studio for the next six months–the forecourt of McKim, Mead, and White’s American Academy building up on top of the Janiculum Hill.  Most of my class of fellows arrived today, so it is a building full of jet-lagged, barely unpacked folks who are, nevertheless, ecstatic at the prospect of working here.  So far my major achievement has been walking down to the Ghetto, where ISU’s studio is located, for an espresso at Bar Toto, a first-day ritual that has the added benefit of serious caffeine.

We have a couple of days to get settled in, then a pretty intensive first couple of weeks–Italian lessons (always welcome), presentations by all of us so that we know who’s doing what, and Friday morning walks that will get us down the hill and out into the world.  Super happy to be here, and looking forward to getting Nervi stuff underway soon…

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