partenza per roma

Airside, waiting for Aer Lingus to get me to Rome via Dublin after a good weekend in Chicago.  A big day, for sure.  None of this would be happening without a small army of friends, family, colleagues, etc., who are chipping in back at Iowa State, in Ames, and in Chicago to take care of various things for the next few months, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  All of you have a Campari and soda waiting for you if you make it over, or once I return, and I will do my best to get back stateside next summer with a decent stab at a Nervi manuscript.  

I’ll keep architecturefarm rolling, though it will–obviously–change focus a bit, to Nervi details and our Friday walks through various, usually off-limits, pieces of Rome.

Thanks again to all, and arrivaderci…

2 thoughts on “partenza per roma

  1. Enjoy! I came across an old article talking about Myron Goldsmith as a “Nervi” product. It was unclear if he practiced in Nervi’s office or was an intern? Best wishes!


    • He was both, I think–Nervi’s student and (briefly) employee…between that and his work with Mies, I can’t imagine a better education…


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