any takers?


OK, a certain percentage of architecturefarm’s loyal readership will identify this as the “Ferris Bueller House,” as reported by Curbed, but a few more might correctly identify it as A. James Speyer’s 1953 Ben Rose House, the closest Chicago ever came to the uber-Miesian rigor of Craig Ellwood’s best California houses.   (slight correction–the movie star itself is actually the 1974 pavilion by David Haid–thanks, Ed!) The spread of the Case Study ideal to the midwest was both inspiring and problematic; Iowa’s own Ray Crites designed a handful of similar houses that were both celebrated and endlessly repaired to deal with their mid-Pacific detailing in a freeze-thaw climate.

Anyway, it’s on the market for a cool $1.5m.  And the plate glass that the Ferrari drove through has apparently been completely fixed.