Chicago Tonight last night…

Enjoyed the chance to talk skyscrapers last night on Chicago Tonight.. They did their research–great questions and a good overview of the book. I’ve been happily surprised by how interested people are by the foundations story–and how patient they are when I get into details about soil pressure and iron rail grillages…

Not that I was the hard news story last night, by any means. Waiting in the green room, the other guests last night were there to talk about teacher layoffs here in Chicago and about Detroit going under. Sobering stuff on both counts.

Thanks to the staff at WTTW…

3 thoughts on “Chicago Tonight last night…

  1. Great job Tom: educational, factual, & entertaining. Plus you worked in a bonus plug for Chicago’s historic preservation achievements. I can’t wait to read the book!


    • Thanks, Michael–very glad I got the chance to sing the city’s praises…as much as has been lost, there’s a remarkable amount that’s been saved and thoughtfully renovated…


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