that petition…

Heading downtown for the APTWGLC skyscraper symposium today, and my attention’s called to this news–that the Pritzker Prize organization, and specifically it’s Chair, Lord Palumbo, have formally rejected the–very popular–call for Denise Scott Brown to formally be named co-winner of the 1991 prize with her partner, Robert Venturi.

This should have been a no-brainer–I haven’t heard of anyone who was against such a retroactive inclusion, and such a move would have made a much-needed statement about the growing understanding that our field is a collaborative one, often with unsung partners toiling away while the firm’s figurehead gets the glory. In this case, the Pritzker organization had a chance to correct an utterly bone-headed move, but one that reflected the pervasive bias against women in the field. Her name is in the firm’s title, for crying out loud.

With this non-decision, the Pritzker has cemented it’s reputation as the most relevant architecture award of the…er…20th century. Memo to young architects–when naming your firm, women’s names go first, at least until there’s full parity in ownership and partnership. Then we can start flipping coins.

On to skyscrapers. Hope to see many loyal AF readers there today. SAIC Nieman Center, Wabash and Monroe, 1-6:30 (registration required). We’ll be done in time for the Hawks game…

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