national trust’s 11 most endangered…

…is out this morning, and it includes the Pan Am Worldport at JFK.  This structure has always been the TWA Terminal’s less-known cousin, but it’s concrete parasol and glassy interior made one of the greatest statements about jet age architecture and fashion (quick–how many airline terminals do you know that have been featured in Vogue?  The image there is from a spread in that mag in 1961…)

This one’s kind of personal–my master’s thesis focused on airport design and looked at the transformation of this jewel-like bit of aeronautical architecture’s transformation into the lumbering, jumbo-ready building that it is today.  There’s a good story there about the very fine line between the ethereal aesthetics of the original and the utterly disorienting, systems-based planning of the addition.

New York’s Port Authority has plans for the site that involve demolishing the structure in its entirety–there’s a group fighting to save the building, though, and they’re worth checking out.

The list also includes the Houston Astrodome, among older structures, and the James River in Virginia.

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