APTWGLC/CHSA Skyscraper Symposium 22 June, 1:00-7:00

ImageDetails have firmed up for next weekend’s symposium on historic skyscrapers–it promises to be a solid afternoon with an all-star cast of preservationists.  And the debate that I’m taking part in should be both enlightening and enjoyable.  The New York/Chicago fight has a 120-year track record, and Don Friedman and I have been happy to carry our respective flags for the last few years.  Adding Minneapolis, and one of their leading preservation engineers in Meghan Elliott, should provide an even wider discussion.

Anyway.  Thanks to Rachel Will at WJE for organizing, the schedule (always subject to change) looks like this:

Historic Skyscrapers

A Joint Symposium sponsored by APTWGLC and CHSA

22 June 2013

Nieman Center, SAIC, 37 South Wabash Avenue, 1st Floor Event Space

12:15            Registration and refreshments

12:50            Welcome, Introduction Rachel Will, APTWGLC President, WJE Chicago, IL

1:00            The Evolution of the Skyscraper, Dr. Shankar Nair, EXP, Chicago, IL

2:00            Evaluation and Repair of Historic Skyscrapers, Ed Gerns, WJE, Chicago, IL

3:00            Break

3:15            Preserving the Mies Skyscraper, Mark Sexton, Kreuck and Sexton, Chicago, IL

3:45            The Skyscraper Today, Aaron Mazeika, SOM, Chicago, IL


4:45            Break and Brief presentations by representatives of: APTWGLC, CHSA, AIA Historic Resources, Landmarks Illinois, SEAOI

5:00            The Great Debate:  What city can claim to be the home of the skyscraper?


5:00-5:30  New York and the Birth of the Skyscraper:  Don Friedman, Old Structures, Inc., NYC, NY


5:30-6:00  Chicago: Thomas Leslie, Iowa State University, Ames, IA


6:00-6:30  Minneapolis:  Meghan Elliott, Preservation Design Works, LLC, Minneapolis, MN


6:30            Q&A, Town Hall Debate Style Discussion

We plan to continue the Town Hall Debate at one of Chicago’s fine watering holes afterwards, of course.

Registration is required, and the fee is discounted if you’re an APT member.

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