good weekend in Chicago…

…speaking to the Chicago Architecture Foundation docent corps with civil engineer Kevin Griebenow and SOM’s John Zils.  The chance to sit and listen to those two alone would have been worth the trip, but the opportunity to talk with 150 of the most knowledgeable folks on the planet about Chicago’s buildings was, as always, a real joy.  Thanks to Bill Lipsman and Alice Glicksberg for the invite and an exceptionally well-run, enjoyable Saturday.

We stayed through the weekend so that I could meet up with folks from University of Illinois Press for a walking tour and some location shots for some promotional work.  Chicago greeted us with perfect light and weather, which should result in some nice web material in a few months.  The book is on schedule for June, so many more visits to follow…

2 thoughts on “good weekend in Chicago…

  1. I had not put you and this blog together until this post. I am a CAF docent and I got SO much from your talk last week!! It was informative and very useful to me. I have already incorporated some of it in my tours. I eagerly await your book ( and I am a sort-of literary agent so I know how hard it is to get a book published these days!). Thanks again.


    • Thanks, Joan! I enjoyed the day–you all make a great audience and I’m really glad that the research is useful for your tours. The book has been a lot of work, but the publisher (University of Illinois) has been great to work with…Hope to be back soon!


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