a week on the road

…and many thanks to grad faculty and staff at the University of Tennessee for setting up a Kahn lecture in their grad tech program.  Good questions and good fish tacos.

I’ve been in Chicago the last couple of days, though, interviewing postwar skyscraper engineers and architects.  Not that there’s an official sequel yet, but what’s interesting to me (and, so far, to the folks I’m speaking with) is both how much changed between the 1920s and the 1950s–and how much didn’t.  One constant theme has been that the relationships between owners, architects, consultants, and contractors were overwhelmingly collaborative then, and unconstructively competitive now.  There’s a book in that alone.

Good to check in at Northwestern, too, where I enjoyed the chance to give an annual (I hope!) lecture to the CEE department’s special architecture sequence.  Genuinely interesting stuff going on there, as always.

I’m hoping this is the first of many interview trips (suggestions welcome!)  Back to Iowa in the morning, the gods and United willing…

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