plyboo–good photos

Among other things these past few months, we’ve had the new floors shot by good friend and photographer extraordinaire Cameron Campbell.  Cameron always makes stuff look its best, but his shots of our new Plyboo are spectacular.

We’re really happy with the product–the fit is superb everywhere, and the color has just enough variation to make it look natural.  As you can see, we worked out some pretty slick details, too–that’s a KaDee stainless steel grate there, providing return air to the furnace room below.  A pretty penny, but worth it as it’s maybe the most visible thing in the house.

The dark color (Foundation Brown) seemed pretty brave at the time, but we’re also happy with how that turned out.  It complements the red oak trim and managed to blend well with some of the furniture we have.  And the Mackintosh-esque carpet really punches now, which seems a happy thing.  All in all, a great installation by Rollenhagen Construction, and great support from Smith + Fong.  And, of course, some nifty lenswork by Cameron.

4 thoughts on “plyboo–good photos

    • It is! And we’re super happy with it, it goes well with both the craftsman detailing and the growing collection of postwar furniture…thanks for the shout-out on FB!


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