Iowa’s Top 100

A not-to-be-yet named project is seeking the top 100 buildings in each state’s volume of the Buildings of the United States series, and I’ve been asked to make suggestions for Iowa’s list.  You can see what I’ve picked here:  Iowa 100.

BUS left out some notable buildings when they compiled our state’s volume in 1993–no Stephens Auditorium, for instance, which was named Iowa’s “Building of the Century” a few years ago, and Des Moines’ Masonic Temple failed to make the cut, probably because it was something of a ruin then.  Likewise, there are numerous buildings included in the book that don’t exist anymore (including, I’m sure, one or two that I’ve picked).

Interested to hear thoughts on what the state’s top 100 would be, or if there’s anything I’ve left out or included that readers think is wrong.  I have to say, this wasn’t that hard–a state like Illinois or New York would be far tougher…

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