Frank Lloyd Wright Trust Moving to the Rookery

According to an article in today’s Tribune, the Frank Lloyd Wright Trust will partly decamp from its quarters in the Home and Studio and set up offices and a shop in the Rookery.  This will give the Trust a presence downtown and will centralize some of its operations; tourists will be able to buy tickets to the Robie House and the Oak Park site in one place, and it will give them room for a downtown shop, where you’ll be able to buy Wrightiana to your heart’s content.

The article notes that the move will allow two really great things.  First, the second floor of the Home and Studio will be vacated, and thus open to the tours there.  Second, the Trust plans to give guided tours of the Rookery itself, whose lobby Wright renovated in 1907.  Purists will be somewhat appalled at the importance given to one of “Uncle Dan’s” buildings in all this, but Wright and John Wellborn Root shared more than a bit of architectural philosophy, and seeing more of a classic B+R building will be good no matter what…

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