Chicago Spire officially a swimming pool…

Sort of official word in the Irish Independent this morning that Calatrava’s bajilion dollar, 150-story apartment building project for the site on Lake Shore Drive is officially dead.  Some, no doubt, will mourn the loss of the potential addition to the skyline, but there have been doubts for years that the project would ever be viable; most insiders thought the apartments were far too small to bring the multi-million dollar prices needed to justify the expense of building so high.

So the site will stay vacant, except for the gigantic tunnel-like hole where the foundation’s ‘taproot’ was supposed to go.  It will no doubt attract its share of architectural “thanatoursists” (see The Atlantic this month for more details), and perhaps the informal competitions that have occurred in countless happy hour conversations–a swimming pool?  rocket silo?  inverted condominium?–will be matched by an actual proposal to do something with the pit…

UPDATE: As Ryan R. notes in the comments below, the Chicago Architectural Club has the competition angle well covered–“Mine the Gap,” indeed…

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