BLDG BLOG–Geoff Manaugh Lecture

A great lecture last night by Geoff Manaugh, who has curated the incomparable BLDG BLOG for the last six years.  (Check it out now, and I’ll see you back here in 2-3 hours).  CCA has brought him in for the summer as “blogger in residence,” which basically involves trolling their archives and blogging about interesting stuff he comes across.  Could there be a better day job?

He described his process and the blog’s history, admitting that it has always had a flavor of “isn’t this cool, and wouldn’t it be cooler if there were a thousand of them?  On the moon?” but making the case that blogging has untapped potential for bringing collaborative teams together both on the web and, more intriguingly, out in the world.  And he riffed on the intentional transience of this medium, noting that the week-long cycle of blogging (who ever reads anything after five days?) complemented the five year cycle of books, and the 50+ year cycle of archives quite well.

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