reliance elevation

One of the tasks I’m working on right now is to get some presentable elevations and plans of Chicago skyscrapers ready for publication.  A lot of this information exists only on scratchy microfilms or on archival drawings, all of which is interesting but difficult to read.

So here’s the Reliance, which I’ve posted about before, all cleaned up.  Elevations like this make it easy to track the relative size of window openings vs. solid elements in building skins, but they also show how the designer must have thought of the building on the drawing board.  If anything, the curtain wall here looks even more glassy than in real life…

One of the real finds has been plans and elevations of the Montauk–the 1883 building that broke the 10 story barrier in Chicago.  Lots has been written about it, and there is one lithograph and a handful of photographs of it published, but I’m working on what I think will be the first published floor plan of it for the book…watch this space!

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