Happy (almost) new year! As things kick over, celebrate the centenary of these Chicago skyscrapers:


La Salle Hotel, Holabird & Roche (La Salle and Madison Streets, demolished in 1977)
Moser, Holabird & Roche (621-631 S. Plymouth Court)
Blackstone Hotel, Marshall & Fox (Michigan and Balbo)
University Club, Holabird & Roche (Michigan and Monroe)


McCormick, Holabird & Roche (332 S. Michigan)
Kesner, Mundie & Jensen (Madison and Wabash)
Brooks, Holabird & Roche (Franklin and Jackson)
Studebaker III, William E. Walker (Michigan and 21st)

The third Studebaker building is almost completely unknown, but there are good reasons to add it to the list of truly innovative Chicago construction. It included a shallow concrete beam system that approached a flat slab in its structural performance. The beams seem to have been added to comply with a young Chicago code section on concrete, but if they had been eliminated, as the engineer thought possible, it would have given Chicago one of the first truly flat concrete slabs in the country.