garage architecture–almost done

the new garage undergoes testing

the new garage undergoes testing

So the summer project is almost done.  A bit late, and still missing a door and some landscape, but as you can see it’s functioning.  My contractor and I finally decided that this project was really about the basketball, and that the garage was more or less a support for the backboard.

Steel Eiler Rasmussen famously said that the difference between architecture and building was diffuse–but that Chartres Cathedral was definitely architecture, while a bike shed was definitely not.  Needless to say, I disagree.  In the words of one of my former students, we “architected the &$*%” out of this project, with lots of design sketches, some serious proportional studies, and some back and forth on site about what the finished product would look like.  All of that certainly felt like architectural work.  So here’s a proposed comeback to Rasmussen: architecture is any built object in which function, construction, and expression have been carefully balanced against one another.

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